full range assembly lines
for smt production ...

If you need high, low or prototype production capacity - we

have a turnkey assembly system solution for you!


IBL VAPor Phase reflow
for SMT soldering...

Unlike ANY other Vapor Phase system ever made.
Incredible uniformity and extremely low operating costs.



At Torenko & Associates, We Partner With THE BEST Companies, Products, Sales and Service Professionals.

Our large and expanding organization covers the southern central U.S. states of Texas, Oklahoma, Louisiana, Arkansas, the border and interior of Mexico. We are successful because we are staffed properly , and we have the best service, applications, and support partners. In Mexico, we partner with Vectralis Engineering for applications and service support. We actually "care" very much about exceeding your needs - without emptying your pockets.

Our mission is straight-forward; we strive to provide you the best semiconductor, SMT manufacturing, test and repair solutions and service available - and at the best prices. To accomplish this, we work with some of the most innovative and reliable companies from around the globe!


Our sales staff will meet with you to discuss your needs in detail - to recommend all possible assembly products and alternatives.


Once you've purchase a production line, or a particular piece of equipment, we'll see you through the installation and debugging process.


We will check in with you regularly after production has commenced - to ensure that everything is running properly, and to see if you need further assistance.


1. It's been a great working relationship with Torenko and Associates; very knowledgeable staff, excellent customer service, and most important, they will always put their best efforts into meeting your expectations; whether it is products, technology, and, most importantly, cost. As a growing business, Torenko and Associates helped us migrate from 1 smaller, lower throughput SMT equipment line to 4 fully equipped high speed, high throughput and high flexibility lines to support our growing needs. This has been one of our best decisions made as a company. I would definitely recommend working with Torenko and Associates for your SMT needs.

David L.

2. I relocated from the Midwest to my company's manufacturing plants on the border in Mexico. I learned very early that I could not always depend on support from our Midwest plants because of time, distance, and limited resources. Subsequently, I chose SMT equipment and support from manufacturers and representatives that I could depend on and trust. Time after time during my 21+ years in Mexico none proved more dependable and supportive than Torenko and Associates.

I embraced new processes and technologies that improved my yields and cost performance ratio and Torenko and Associates earned the right to be the valuable link to enabling the implementation of changes on more than 60 SMT lines that would ultimately become my company's best practices for not only our plants in Mexico but also for our domestic plants as well. After all these years, I can say that Ron still has a real love and zeal for the electronics assembly business that is inspiring and refreshing. Looking back, I know that his support helped to mitigate the risk associated with change and insured our successes.

D. Evans
Senior SMT Mfg. Process Engineer - retired

3. In any business, a critical element for success is the support that a company receives from its vendors and suppliers. The flexibility, knowledge and delivery time that a vendor can provide can mark the difference between meeting or not meet set goals for a production environment. All of us here at Owen-GL and Gartin Technologies are eternally grateful for Torenko and associates because they were completely instrumental in helping us startup out production environment and meet our delivery goals for our clients, we could not have done it without them. Their staff has always been there when we need them, they are knowledgeable and timely with information. I absolutely recommend working with Torenko and associates to anyone that is interested in working with a supplier that has access to top of the line professional SMT equipment.

Luis Garcia, General Director, Owen-GL / Gartin Technologies, Guadalajara, Mexico.


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